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Orangevale Avenue is an east-west two lane local road connecting neighborhoods in Folsom to neighborhoods in Orangevale . This road is parallel to and north of Greenback Lane , a four-lane major arterial east-west connector.

Orangevale Avenue has a current average daily traffic (ADT) volume of 2,053 vehicles per day (per City traffic count in January 2004). That traffic can be detoured around the project site during construction using Greenback Lane . The length of detour is approximately 1.3 miles. Stage construction is not anticipated because the road can be closed during construction.


The City developed three alternatives to upgrade the bridge to current standards. Two replacement projects and one widening of the existing bridge. The alternatives were expanded to six in an effort to incorporate public comments received at the public workshop held on January 6, 2004 . The project alternatives include:

Alternative 1 Replace the entire existing bridge with a standard concrete box girder bridge.

Alternative 2 Same as Alternative 1 except on an alternate alignment with American River Canyon Drive .

Alternative 3 Widen existing bridge by beefing up and reconditioning the existing arch supports and columns.

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Conflicting Utilities

Utility relocation will be essentially the same for all alternatives. Overhead electric, telephone and cable TV lines cross diagonally over the bridge in a northeast direction at the east abutment. Relocation of these overhead lines may be required due to clearance issues. The sewer line that is supported on the north side of the existing bridge under the deck will be relocated onto the new structure and the sewer manhole that is just off of the bridge will be adjusted to grade. A large water main and vault that cross the roadway west of the bridge will be protected in place.

overhead utilities

sewer line along north side of road