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The Orangevale Avenue Bridge, constructed in 1915, is a reinforced concrete arch bridge with reinforced concrete open spandrel columns and T-beam superstructure. Bridges of this era were designed for 50 years of useful life. This bridge is well past that at 89 years with the likelihood that potential maintenance costs will increase substantially in years to come.

Though the bridge is structurally safe, it has deficiencies that warrant replacement. The bridge is narrow for 2 lanes, pedestrians and bikes. By comparison with thousands of bridges nationwide with similar use and geometry, minimum safety standards for width have been developed. This bridge would be upgraded to at least those minimum standards.

Here you can see the poor alignment and narrow width of the bridge.

Improving the width and alignment is the main immediate concern. However, degradation of the concrete in the arches, columns, and abutments require repair to avoid unsafe structural conditions in the future. Cracks in the abutment also indicate possible foundation settlement. The structure can be repaired and widened without removal, but a replacement is less expensive and results in a longer usable life. Present standards are to design for 75 years of useful life.

A large crack in the east abutment.

Rebar is visible in thick section of the arch, where the concrete is spalling.