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New Information

The City has decided to prepare an EIR for the replacement of this bridge. The end of the 45 day public review period was January 8, 2005.

Planning Commission Meeting

Planning Commission Meeting was held on January 5, 2005, at Folsom City Hall.

Public Workshop #1

Public Workshop #1 was held on January 6, 2004, at the Orangevale Rotary.

Comments by the Public

Public Workshop #2

Public Workshop #2 was held on April 22, 2004, at the Folsom Community Center.

Invitation and Project Information

Comments by the Public

Planning Commission

The project was presented to the Folsom Planning Commission, at their regular May 5, 2004 meeting for information only.

City Council

The project was scheduled for approval by the City Council on June 8, 2004. New information regarding the Lincoln Highway was brought forward. The City decided to postpone the meeting to investigate and verify.

Please check again to see when the project will be schedule for City Council Approval.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this project increase traffic on Orangevale Ave.?

We do not anticipate that this project will be a significant factor in any increase of traffic along Orangevale Ave. The roadway is still narrow on the west end and the number of lanes will remain the same. The street will continue to be inconvenient for through traffic.

Will a new bridge incorporate new arches?

The least expensive alternative is a prestressed concrete box girder bridge with no arches. Adding aesthetic concrete arches to the box girder design, or simply widening the existing bridge and adding a third arch substantially (12%-30%) increases the cost of the project. City Staff will not recommend keeping the existing arches or designing aesthetic arches on a new structure to the City Council. From most angles, the arches are not visible and the cost to enhance the structure for aesthetic reasons does not appear to make good use of taxpayer dollars. Staff will recommend, however, funding be used to incorporate other historic features such as railings, lighting and a marker or plaque. The Council will ultimately decide which design alternatives is appropriate .

Is the bridge safe?

The bridge is safe to carry up to the posted loads of 10 tons. Improving the width and alignment is the main immediate concern; however, it is our understanding that the bridge barrier has been hit several times. Also, degradation of the concrete in the arches, columns, and abutments require immediate repair to avoid unsafe conditions in the future.

Will Orangevale Ave be open during construction?

No. We anticipate closing the road between American River Canyon and Placer Mine Road during construction. The current schedule for construction is from the Spring of 2005 to the Winter of 2005.