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The Rainbow Bridge is a two lane arterial road connecting neighborhoods accross the American River.

Traffic will be maintained on the bridge during construction with short temporary lane closures during off peak hours.


The City developed four alternatives to upgrade the bridge to current standards. Three alternatives require additional arches, one requires strengthening of existing arches. The city will seek public input on the alternatives at a Public Information Meeting. The project alternatives include:

Alternative 1 Widen on upstream side, 1 additional arch.

Alternative 2 Widen on downstream side, 1 additional arch.

Alternative 3 Widen on both sides, 2 additional arches.

Alternative 4 Widen on both sides, strengthen existing arches, no additional arches.

Detailed information regarding each alternative.

Conflicting Utilities

There are several utilities on the bridge. Utilities under the bridge will remain in service during construction. Other utilities are located under the railing. Wheter they will be relocated is dependent on the alternative selected.

exisitng utilities under bridge