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Program Information:

This bridge is being funded through the federal Highway Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement (HBRR) program. Some facts about the HBRR program:

  • It is a federal safety program administered by the State to repair deficient locally owned public bridges
  • Two major categories:
    • Replacement - Structurally Deficient or Functionally Obsolete with a Sufficiency Rating (SR) <= 50
    • Rehabilitation - Structurally Deficient or Functionally Obsolete with a SR <= 80

The federal reimbursement rate is 80%. The remaining 20% may be Local or State funds. The City is pursuing this funding program for widening this bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is listed as functionally obsolete for deck geometry and guardrail.

  • SR = 75.7 - Eligible for rehabilitation only

Estimated Project Costs

Alternative 1 - Widen upstream
$8.7 Million

Alternative 2 - Widen downstream
$8.6 Million

Alternative 3 - Widen both sides and add arches
$11.5 Million

Alternative 4 - Widen both sides and strengthen existing arches
$10.8 Million